ABS Admission Policy

Amman Baptist School (ABS) has been serving the local community since 1974. Since then, the school has pursued preparing one generation after the other of graduates who are believers in God, life-long learners and true leaders who strive towards serving their countries by creating a better, more peaceful world. 

As a school of choice, students are expected to show a great level of responsibility, be always prepared, and to be deeply involved in an environment that demands high expectations of them.  Students will progressively receive challenging coursework, and are expected to be functioning at an introductory college level student when they graduate.  This requires a strong academic commitment on the part of each student, including...

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Registration Procedures for Foreign students

1.    The parent should initially fill out the Admission form online.

2.    We verify the available vacancy for the specified class and then contact the parent.

3.    If a place is available, we arrange for an interview with the principal.

4.    After the initial acceptance by the principal, the parent pays registration fees at the accounting department.

5.    The parent fills out the official registration form which can be obtained from Room 105 at the ground floor of the main building.

6.    The entrance exam is scheduled.

7.    Based on the results of the entrance exam, a final decision is made whether to accept the child or not.

8.    The parents will be informed of the result within 10 days of the entrance exam.

9.    If the child gets accepted, the parents should pay the first installment of the tuition fees. This is meant to reserve a seat for the child.

10. A letter of acceptance is given to the parents to be passed on to the previous school in order for them to prepare the child's former file and bring it to The Baptist School.

Admission Forms

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Email: admission@baptist.edu.jo

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