About ABS

The Baptist School has been serving the community since 1974, it is fondly referred to as "second-home" by most parents and students, mainly because ABS focuses on giving nurturing love to children. Read more

Our Biblical Foundation

"The price of wisdom is beyond rubies... and to shun evil is understanding" Job 28: 18,28

Our Mission

To prepare a generation of leaders who believe in God and his word, have principles, are lifelong learners, empathetic, well-balanced spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually, who enjoy a critical and inquisitive intellect, initiative, creative in finding solutions to overcome challenges, serve their country and take part in creating a better and more peaceful world.

Our Vision

To develop students who are distinguished academically and behaviorally, so they may become creative leaders who are constantly seeking knowledge and progress, lovingly serving humanity, patriotic and growing in their faith in God.

Our Objectives

1. To motivate excellence, distinction and creativity by optimally investing in the students’ abilities.

2. To develop a positive perspective in students towards: studying, time-management and self-learning.

3. To develop the skills of critical thinking and problem solving.

4. To instill responsibility towards duties and assignments.

5. To enable the student to utilize his/her computer skills responsibly and effectively.

6. Developing leadership/initiative spirit among students whilst acquiring social communication skills.

7. Reinforcing the acceptance of “the other”, different cultures as well as respecting human rights and dignity.

8. Instilling a patriotic spirit, the values of good citizenship and respect of the law.

9. Firmly establishing a faith in God so we may see it reflected in the students’ behaviors and relationships.

The Baptist's School Student's Character Traits

  • Up to date with technological developments
  • Leader
  • Communicator
  • Unprejudiced, accepts “the other”
  • Humanitarian
  • Patriotic
  • Believes in God in mind and behavior
  • Levelheaded

  • Initiative
  • Knowledgeable, with wide horizons
  • Academically outstanding
  • Distinguished
  • Creative
  • Self-learner
  • Organized
  • Intellectual
  • Responsible