“The Baptist” dream in the sixties

Back then, Baptists were renowned in northern Jordan for their distinguished medical services. Indeed, many Jordanians -from all parts of the country- sought them for treatment. Owing to their high-quality performance and their courteous manner, many people expressed an insistent desire for them to add educational programs to their services.

With this goal in mind, they enthusiastically pursued the dream of establishing a school in Amman. American and Jordanian Baptist leaders met with the Minister of Education then, His Excellency Mr. Thoqan Al-Hindawi. The meeting concluded that the Ministry is fully willing to cooperate to establish a completely coeducational school. Mr. Hindawi encouragingly stated that the large Jordanian community is in dire need of such a school.

“The Baptist” acquires the demesne to fulfill the dream.

The search for a suitable piece of land began in 1966. Forty acres were purchased in the Shmeisani area. However, due to legal complications, this original demesne couldn't be used. The search continued until 1974, when twenty-three acres were purchased in Al Rabia area. Construction began the same year.

The beginning with the Baptist Missionaries.

With tremendous effort by the Baptist Mission, The Amman Baptist School opened its gates on July 1st, 1974. The school building – currently the Elementary Building- was inaugurated under the supervision, patronage and administration of The Baptist Mission. At that time, the school encompassed 31 students in KG1, KG2, and Grade One.

The first royal visit and a generous endowment.

In January of 1975, the school was honored with a visit by His Majesty the late King Hussein. His Majesty showed great interest in the safety and exclusiveness of the school. His Majesty noticed the need to build a wall around the school. Upon His Majesty’s request to do so, the school’s Principal sent wall plans and cost estimation to the Royal Hashemite Court. His Majesty generously endowed the school with the funding needed to construct the wall which was finished in 1977.

The school is honored to embrace members of The Royal Family as students

Several members of the Royal Family studied at the Amman Baptist School of Amman during their early years. Among the students were Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Princess Sumaya Bint Al Hassan, Princess Rahama Bint Al Hassan, Princess Badi’a Bint Al Hassan, and the children of Princess Bassma Bint Talal, Farah and Ghazi, as well as Abeer Muhssein.

By the year 1978 enrollment of both genders had grown to 260 students from KG to Grade 6. In the same year drama, music, and French classes were added to the school programs.

Adding more classrooms, buildings and facilities

In 1979, a separate Kindergarten building was inaugurated in the south western corner of the plot. Over the years, the development and expansion work went on in the Kindergarten building and its facilities, until it became a two-storey building encompassing several advanced and diverse equipment and facilities. Furthermore, new nursery and pre-school rooms were added.

The number of students kept on growing, which drove the school in 1981 to add a second floor to the elementary building, comprising of 6 new classrooms, enough to accommodate the 311 students attending the school at that time. At a later stage, computer labs, library and teachers' rooms were added.

During the same period of time, the school sought to develop its sports fields, thus the construction of a new gymnasium. This was accomplished through the support and encouragement of parents, who wanted to contribute to the development of school activities, so that they serve the local community institutions, as well as the school's students.

The Computer Laboratories

In the school-year of 1990-1991, the first batch of computers was purchased and computer classes commenced. The school continued to modernize and expand its computer laboratories until the number of available PCs grew into nearly 115, many of which were connected to the internet.

The Secondary School Building

In the Summer of 1987, the school embarked upon constructing a new Secondary building consisting of four floors. The building was designed to contain: classrooms, facilities, as well as the supplies and equipment needed for all scientific streams. In addition to that, the building has a multi-usage large hall, a spacious library and offices. The inauguration took place in 1988.

The Jordanian Baptist Congregation undertakes the administration of the school

ABS in the 90's

The first few years of the 90's were a time of change and expansion at The Baptist School. In 1991, Jordanian Baptists undertook the full administration of the school, and the property deeds were transferred to them. In the same year, two classrooms were added to the Kindergarten.

The New Music Wing

In the year 2000, and under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Eid Al-Fayez, the school held the inauguration ceremony for the new music wing. The wing comprises of several rooms especially designed for large group practice as well as small individual ones. The wing maintains state-of-the-art educational requirements, fulfills the needs of the school's large musical band, and provides advanced musical programs.

Hotel Management Stream

In order to meet the needs of students on one hand and the local market –that is lacking vocational training in hotel management- on the other, the Baptist School launched a modern, independent and well-developed Hotel Management Stream. The department comprises of all requirements needed to obtain The General Secondary Certificate/Vocational Hotel Management Stream. The department was inaugurated in 2004 under the supervision of The Ministry of Education.

Football Green Field

In 2010, the school set up a green field for football. The field is not solely used for its obvious purpose but for holding numerous training courses as well. In addition to that, the field is available for the local community to use, especially for students after school hours.

International Programs Annex

In response to the growing number of students and the expansion in international programs, the school added in 2007 a large two-floor annex encompassing the international program classrooms (ordinary and advanced levels).

International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

The school launched a project within the regular scholastic program, which will enable 7th and 8th graders to obtain The International Computer Driving License (ICDL). Thus, The Baptist School became the very first of its kind to have its 7th graders graduate from this program. The program was adopted to educate and train the students of middle school in this fundamental field. Under the patronage of Her Highness Princess Summaya Al-Hassan, the 1st ICDL graduation ceremony was held in 2005/2006.

International Programs at the school

In addition to The National Program set by The Ministry of Education in Jordan, and in an attempt to stay up-to-date with modern day developments and requirements, alongside with its pursuit of continuous modernization of its educational strategies, the Baptist School launched The International General Certificate of Secondary Education program (IGCSE). This program provides students with English-based educational path with highly diverse topics.

The program started in 1996 with an initial group of 9 students that grew in 2002-2003 to more than 100 students and to 160 in 2011.

In 2010, The Baptist School launched the Cambridge Primary International Program (CP). This program enabled students -starting from grade 1 onward- to study many subjects in English.

In 2011, the school launched the international program for 6th graders, thus enabling students to pursue the international programs in grades 9 and 10 GCE (General Certificate of English - Ordinary Level) and then transitioning easily to grades 11 and 12 (IGCSE Advanced Level).

Teacher Training and Continuous Learning

In 2002, the school's board of directors approved an ambitious program aiming at providing all school staff, teachers and administrators alike, with the necessary skills and training needed to transition the school into the forefront of educational institutions in Jordan.

This program, entitled "Guide to Excellence", encompasses the best of Jordanian civilization and values, academic sciences, high quality managerial methods and ongoing educational training. In order to achieve this directive, the school hosted a number of Samford University professors from the USA to train and develop the overall performance of the school staff.

The school continues to hold annual training courses and educational workshops so that staff performance will be up to date with all that's new in the worlds of education and technology.

Career Awareness Day

Stemming from its deep sense of caring for the future of students after graduation, the Academic Awareness Department at The Baptist School holds an annual event where it invites a number of professionals to talk to students and raise their awareness so that they may choose the most suitable career path for themselves in the future.

The department also holds a special day to introduce students to the local Jordanian universities among others and the different available fields of study.

Athletic Accomplishments

In 1999/2000

· Winning 1st place in The Arab Championship For Gymnastics/The student Gheid Qaadan.

· Winning 1st place in The Private Education Championship/The student Gheid Qaadan/

In 2002/2003

· Winning 1st place in The Choueifat School Championship/The Football Team/Males-Middle school.

· Winning 1st place in The Mohammad Shaaban Championship/The Football Team/Males/High school.

In 2003/2004

· Winning 1st place in the Reuter Championship – Ping Pong Team.

· Winning 1st place in The Model University Schools Championship/Basketball Free Throw Team.

· Winning 1st place in The American Schools Championship/The Basketball Team/Females.

· Winning 1st place in The Montessori School Championship/The Basketball Team/Middle School.

In 2004/2005

· Winning 1st place in The Private Education Championship/The Basketball Team/Males, females.

· Winning 1st place in The Private Education Championship/Ping Pong Team.

· Winning 1st place in The Dunes Club Championship/Tennis Team.

· Winning 1st place in The Frere School Championship/The Football Team, Males, Lower Elementary School.

In 2005/2006

· Winning 1st place in The Love Championship (The Baptist School) The Basketball Team, Males, High school and Elementary School.

In 2006/2007

· Winning 1st place in The Dunes Club Championship/The Ping Pong Team/Females.

· Winning 1st place in The Private Education Championship/The Basketball Team/Males/High School.

· Winning 1st place in The Dunes Club Championship/The Ping Pong Team/ Males.

· Winning 1st place in the Amman Academy School Championship/The Football Team/Higher Elementary School.

· Winning 1st place in The Private Education Championship/The Basketball Team.

In 2007/2008

· Winning 1st place in the Private Education Championship/Basketball Team.

In 2008/2009

· Winning 1st place in The Dunes Club Championship/The Football Team/Females.

· Winning 1st place in The Independence Championship, national level plus the Private Education Championship/The Basketball Team/Females.

· Winning 1st place in The Love Championship, The Baptist School/The Football Team/Elementary School.

· Wining several gold, silver and bronze medals.

· Winning 3rd place in The King Abdullah II Award For Physical Fitness.

· Winning 1st place in The Private Education Championship/The Football Team/Males/Lower Elementary School.

In 2011/2012

· Winning 1st & 2nd place in the AAC Championship/The Football Team/The Basketball Team/The Volleyball Team for all nationalities & categories.

· Winning 2nd place in The METS Championship/The Football Team/The Higher Elementary School.

· Winning 1st place in The 3rd Love Championship for The Baptist School/The Elementary Football Team.

· Winning 2nd place in The Private Education Championship/The Elementary Football Team.

Recognition Awards

The School won The Prince Hassan Bin Talal Award for Academic Excellence three times:

· The "Be Einstein" Project in 2005.

· The "Vocational/Hotel Management Education" Project on 2006/2007.

· The "Developing the 1st Comprehensive Program for Teaching Music in The Middle East" Project in 2010/2011.

The General Secondary Certificate Results (National Program)

Year after year, The Baptist School scores high academic results in all fields. The school was honored on several occasions and on a national level for its high results in The General Secondary Exams in all streams: Scientific, Information Technology and Hotel Management/Vocational Stream in which the school ranked 1st place several times.

International Program A Level-O Level Results

Every year, The Baptist School Students achieve excellent results on both international & national levels. Many of its teachers have been awarded The Queen Rania Al-Abdulla's Award for Excellence in Teaching.