eFawateercom service

E-Fawteercom Service

Dear Parents,


We'd like to inform you that we've added another method of tuition payment, to facilitate matters further for you all, via eFAWATEERcom which is available at all banks, exchange agencies and other payment points. You may also pay directly through this service's application.

Your own individualized e-payment number and balance can be found via the family balance in your B12app.

With all due respect,

The Financial Department.

Method of payment via the application

You can access Efawateercom service through your Online Banking services..

1- Select Biller Category > Education.

2- Select Biller Name : Baptist School Amman.

3- Select Service Type : Tuition Fees.

4- Enter Parent Number (e-payment number in the Family Balance page).

5- The system will show your due balance.

General Remarks

1- Please note that the balance shown in the B12 App represents the tuition sum for all students registered at the school until the end of the school-year 2019-2020. This sum is updated weekly on the App. Therefore, any installments that parents make might not be immediately shown on the family balance.

2- Parents may pay through eFawateercom using the attached e-payment number provided by the school (available in the Family Balance page in the B12 App). Noting that the installments made through eFawateercom are shown immediately.

3- In case you’re unable to obtain/read your own e-payment number, please contact the school ASAP or send an email to Accountent@baptist.edu.jo

4- Please note that a" 2.00 JD due amount" message you will see in the balance doesn't represent your real balance; but it is placed to enable you to make future payments.