Parents-Teacher Council (PTA)

Mr. Amer Halasa

Ms. Helen Haddadin

Mr. Ghassan Abu Manneh

Ms. Rania Layyous

Ms. Rania Qsar

Mr. Housam Ismir

Ms. Maysa Samawi

Ms. Rula Jouaneh

Ms. Lara Maaya

Ms. Randa Banna

Ms. Yara Qusous Halasa

About PTA

The Parent –Teacher Council at The Baptist School started its work several years ago, it played a part in the Baptist School’s progress and development through its contributions, participation and activities that it undertook to serve the students. The PTA is meant to be a forum through which parents can communicate their opinions and concerns.

Right from the start, the council held numerous celebrations, entertainment events, cultural and educational activities for students and parents alike.

Parents and students have made financial contributions to the Council’s budget thus enabling it to execute projects that serve students.

The purpose of the PTA is to provide the structure through which parents and teachers can work together for the best possible welfare of their children.

The Baptist School values and appreciates the efforts of the Council, not merely for its activities but also for their sense of responsibility and service to both students and school.

The Council is elected at the beginning of every school year (there are exceptional cases) through the direct voting of parents. The Principal invites parents to this meeting.

The council consists of a number of parents, school administrators and teachers.

The school Principal is the chairman of the Council according to The Ministry of Education’s regulations, and has the right to delegate to a deputy to head or attend the Council’s meetings in his place.

Contact PTA

You can reach PTA by email: